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Hi Herve,

On Sat, September 13, 2014 3:55 am, Hervé Kias wrote:
> I am a newcomer on the mailing list. I am 41 and lives in Luxembourg. I
> have played RQ for the last 20 years even though I have not been able to
> play much recently (wife, kids, job... well you know that by heart).

Firstly, welcome to the list! Good to see the return of an old runequester...

> Anyway, I have always been slightly embarassed by the "probabilistic"
> approach of improving skills in RQ. Indeed, with bad luck, you can end up
> by learning nothing after a scenario (i.e. no percentage gain) thanks to
> lousy dice rolls. Nothing is more frustrating.

That's a simulatoinist side of RQ. A high-skilled character could go on an
adventurer (even with a modicum of stress and challenge) and yet learn
nothing new in terms of skills. However in the latest version of RuneQuest
(v6, p109) a successful skill check gives you 1d4+1% gain, and an
unsuccesful one +1%.

Mind you, adventuring skill checks are a bit of an example of incidents
that burn into your memories. Given RQ's convention of "one year between
major scenarios" for the generation of saga-like stories skill gains
through training and occupation are fare more significant.

By the way when making a response it is easier for others if the digest
subject heading is turned into something more explicit (see example).

Best wishes,

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