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Response to Stephen Posey below

On 9/12/2014 6:37 AM, Stephen Posey wrote:
> Steve:
>  That closely parallels the system I've been leaning towards.
>  I'd be interested to hear how you decide how many to hand out. Do you 
> hand the same amount to everyone? Do individual players sometimes get 
> points in special situations (e.g. particularly good roleplaying, 
> coming up with a particularly clever solution to a problem, amusing 
> the GM)?
Number of experience points is actually between 1 and 10 points. I do 
not have an absolute scale of how many points one gets for each 
activity. Since I am the only one using the system at the moment (and I 
haven't run a game in a couple of years) I just pretty much wing it.

I also find systems that reward individual players for activities so 
that everyone gets different amounts too fiddly to be fun. Everyone 
present gets the same experience points. The shrinking violets get 
rewarded for being a good audience. So _everyone_ gets rewarded if 
someone comes up with a good idea.
>  Also, do you make any stipulation on what skills can be improved 
> (i.e. can only be applied to skills actually used during the game)?
Yes. In fact, the current official rules state that the XP must be used 
at the first possible time after the XP are handed out on Skills that 
received checks. XP not spent immediately must be stored for purchasing 
benefits later on.
> Is all this in SPQR?
Not everything. The concept of retaining checks until a later arrival of 
XP just came to me during the discussion. And some of the above  is 
found in later additions to the SPQR rules that everyone who has the 
rules has also had access to.
> Stephen Posey
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