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Thu Sep 11 09:28:26 EST 2014

On Thu, September 11, 2014 6:24 am, Lawrence Whitaker wrote:
> In a simple, straightforward situation like this, the GM needs to decide
> if a roll *is *actually necessary. If the characters could be reasonably
> expected to figure out what the sign means with a little head-scratching,
>  then a roll probably isn't required at all. However, if that sign
> pointing to Sog City is written in Durulz blood, and there's a duck in the
> party trying to make sense of what it says... a crit could lead to a lot
> of fun. Depends on the circumstances.

Thank you for saying that. I have recently been involved in a discussion
with some very unpleasant people on a different forum (which I left as a
result) who were in absolute denial about this, claiming that every test
of a skill in RuneQuest requires a skill roll (and that skill checks where
the only way to gain experience).

The fact I quoted line and page numbers from both 3rd and 6th editions (I
honestly couldn't be bothered checking the rest) was notwithstanding.

There are some people out there who are bad-mouthing RQ when it is clear
that they just don't understand the game and haven't even bothered to
check the rules.

Sorry, I'm getting a little rant about this, but it was quite annoying. I
will write up a rules summary to post somewhere prominent so if anyone
does a google search in the future they'll find the reality rather than
the fiction.

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