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Wed Sep 10 14:01:52 EST 2014

On Tue, September 9, 2014 4:46 pm, Pete Nash wrote:
>> The *results* of a failed roll are certainly context dependent. I would
>>  like to see the meaning of a failed roll however to be context
>> independent.
> But the meaning of a failed jump _cannot_ be context independent. What
> you decide to do on your run up depends entirely on the situation.

I disagree with the claim that the meaning of failure cannot be context
independent. I think that consistency of what a failed roll means can and
should be sought. Especially in the same skill!

> If you are uncomfortable with the RAW, then use the following - if the
> result situation is not life threatening then the character still jumps
> but only covers (1d4+5)x10% of their normal distance.

Rather than another dice roll, the proportion that they fail their roll by
would also work as a measure of distance (this could also work with throw,
swim, etc), and indeed any other skill.

Which the more I think about it would be a truly awesome mechanic and one
which I know that players and GMs have used in a narrative sense for
decades. "Missed me ... by 1%".

It would also mean that very skilled characters would be less prone to
fail so dramatically...

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