[Runequest] RQ 6 Failed Athletics

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Is there a role here for skill level?  A master jumper, if he fails should be less likely to fail catastrophically. No?

Not sure if I mean you cut the master some slack or ask them for a second roll on failure, that dictates how badly the fail is.  Another roll, but it feels better.


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The *results* of a failed roll are certainly context dependent. I would
like to see the meaning of a failed roll however to be context

But the meaning of a failed jump _cannot_ be context independent. What you decide to do on your run up depends entirely on the situation. 

If it was a simple sporting event then of course you jump less far, but you still jump as there is no danger. If on the other hand, you were faced with a bottomless chasm then its more likely you would abort the jump rather than plunge to your death... but even that psychological situation could change if there's a hydra chasing you and this is your one and only chance to escape.

If you are uncomfortable with the RAW, then use the following - if the result situation is not life threatening then the character still jumps but only covers (1d4+5)x10% of their normal distance. If the result of the jump is likely to cost the character their life, then they abort the jump before launching themselves and must either try again or abandon any hope of making the leap.
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