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I think the point we're getting to here is the "failed climb means you
didn't fall in a meaningful way at all, or failed to start" seems a little,
I dunno, harmless.
Personally, I've always used the climb roll as (vaguely) the first point
you'd need to make a gut check in real life - anyone can climb a ladder 5',
but climbing that same latter over a short (but deep) chasm would require a
climb roll.  So yeah, if someone in my campaign fails a climb roll, it's
going to be meaningful (not catastrophic, of course, unless the situation
is very much pass/fail).

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> On 8 September 2014 03:35, Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:
>> True, the issue I'm trying to some clarity on is whether one uses "fail to
>> jump" (i.e., you freeze, like a failed climb), or "the jump fails" (i.e.,
>> you don't jump as far as expected).
> I think that has to be context dependent. The default, as with throw and
> so on, is presumably that you don't perform up to your potential. You don't
> jump as far, you don't throw as far, you don't sprint as fast, your dive is
> not up to its usual standard and so on.
> The implications of what that means will depend. If you're jumping over a
> bottomless chasm and you need to jump as far as you possibly can to clear
> it, then failing for me would be rather more disastrous than having a long
> jump competition in a sandpit.
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