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Mon Sep 8 19:24:25 EST 2014

On 8 September 2014 03:35, Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> True, the issue I'm trying to some clarity on is whether one uses "fail to
> jump" (i.e., you freeze, like a failed climb), or "the jump fails" (i.e.,
> you don't jump as far as expected).

I think that has to be context dependent. The default, as with throw and so
on, is presumably that you don't perform up to your potential. You don't
jump as far, you don't throw as far, you don't sprint as fast, your dive is
not up to its usual standard and so on.

The implications of what that means will depend. If you're jumping over a
bottomless chasm and you need to jump as far as you possibly can to clear
it, then failing for me would be rather more disastrous than having a long
jump competition in a sandpit.

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