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On Sun, September 7, 2014 7:38 pm, Bruce Mason wrote:
> I would say that, generally, you don't manage to jump as far as normal.
> If
> trying to jump over a bottomless chasm and you fail a jump roll and the GM
>  said that a successful jump roll will let you jump far enough to get
> across it then a failed jump roll might mean that you now need a
> successful brawn roll to catch grab a bit of the side of the chasm and
> manage to prevent yourself from falling too far. Perhaps take 1D6 damage
> to a location.

Well, that's even tougher than a fumble, which is 1 point or 1d4 if you
fail an Endurance check.

> Or maybe spend a luck point to stop yourself just before you jump when
> you realise at the last second that you were just about to try and jump
> off from a crumbling piece of the side which, to illustrate the point,
> falls down the bottomless chasm. And so on. The answer is always going to
> be context specific.

True, the issue I'm trying to some clarity on is whether one uses "fail to
jump" (i.e., you freeze, like a failed climb), or "the jump fails" (i.e.,
you don't jump as far as expected).

A similar principle could be applied to things like Throw etc. as well, I

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