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I would say that, generally, you don't manage to jump as far as normal. If
trying to jump over a bottomless chasm and you fail a jump roll and the GM
said that a successful jump roll will let you jump far enough to get across
it then a failed jump roll might mean that you now need a successful brawn
roll to catch grab a bit of the side of the chasm and manage to prevent
yourself from falling too far. Perhaps take 1D6 damage to a location.

Or maybe spend a luck point to stop yourself just before you jump when you
realise at the last second that you were just about to try and jump off
from a crumbling piece of the side which, to illustrate the point, falls
down the bottomless chasm. And so on. The answer is always going to be
context specific.

On 6 September 2014 23:57, Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> Heya runequesters,
> RuneQuest6 has a really nice combined Athletics skill, covering climbing,
> jumps, running, and throwing. There are various results for critical,
> success, failed, and fumble - mainly derived from characteristics.
> The question I have is what happens on a failed Jump. A failed Climb
> simply says that the Climb action is aborted, which is fine. It is the
> same with Jump? Does the Jump fail to happen? A fumble with Jump means
> that the Jump occurs but with an awkward landing causing damage.
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