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I don't play RQ6,but logically I'd say a failed Climb means no progress is
made, and a fumble means a fall. The GM might allow a Luck roll or (if Luck
isn't in the system) a second Climb roll for the climber to try to catch
themselves and take less damage.

For Jump, on the other hand, I'd say a failure would require a Luck or DEX
x 5 roll to avoid a fall. A fumble would mean no chance to avoid the fall
and consequent damage.
On Sep 6, 2014 6:57 PM, "Lev Lafayette" <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> Heya runequesters,
> RuneQuest6 has a really nice combined Athletics skill, covering climbing,
> jumps, running, and throwing. There are various results for critical,
> success, failed, and fumble - mainly derived from characteristics.
> The question I have is what happens on a failed Jump. A failed Climb
> simply says that the Climb action is aborted, which is fine. It is the
> same with Jump? Does the Jump fail to happen? A fumble with Jump means
> that the Jump occurs but with an awkward landing causing damage.
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