[Runequest] Pavise shields in RQ

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Wed Mar 5 11:08:01 EST 2014

I have been thinking about medieval crossbowmen. Historically crossbowmen were an important part of medieval armies. The standard equipment was a crossbow (obviously) that could be reloaded about every 12-20 seconds (medium crossbow?) and a big pavise shield, that the crossbowman would place on the ground and croutch behind it, while reloading.
The problem with recreating it in RQ3 terms is that there is no pavise shield or rules for using as stationary barrier. RQ3 has the large shield, but it only protects shield arm and two other locations. That is too small to cover the whole body. On the other hand, pavise shield is too large to be used in melee combat, unless used as a makeshift palisade.

A large shield has:
15% base, 18 AP, 12/- STR/DEX, 7.0 Enc, 150L price

A pavise should be stronger or bigger, something like this:
10% base, 24 AP, 17/- STR/DEX, 13.0 Enc, 300L price
-Base skill should be smaller, as pavise is not ment to be wielded in combat.
-AP should be higher, because it is meant to stop most, if not all arrows and crossbowbolts.
-STR requirement should be higher, because it is not meant to be wielded.
-Enc should be higher, because it is bigger, thicker and not meant to be carried, while combat lasts. Actual weight is probably 10-12 kg. Google search brough inconclusive results.
-Price should be higher, for it is bigger shield and requires sturdier structure.

Now, the actual special rules for using pavise as a barrier:
-If the user stood behind an erected pavise in close combat or while shooting any missile weapon (not just crossbow), pavise protects both legs, abdomen and chest, or any four hit locations.
-If the user was crouched behind an erected pavise, the shield protects all hit locations, but the user cannot attack himself, without standing up first. The user could lean from the side of pavice and shoot with a crossbow, exposing only head and one arm, but this requires use of crossbow.
-Erecting and removing a pavise takes one combat action.

So, this is my take on the pavise. Does it work? Am I missing something? What do you think?

Marko Perälä

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