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Looks fascinating,I look forward to giving it some focused attention.
Of course some selection bias applies; obviously analysing wounds of bodies
buried after a battle suggests that these wounds were mortal individually
or in sum.
Likewise the historical commentaries suggest to me that the bulk of
injuries and deaths occur really after the battle has been "won" as the
victors are mopping up those that haven't fled.

Anyway, looks cool, thanks!

On Jun 15, 2014 12:02 PM, "Peter Maranci" <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> This article provides absolutely fascinating data on actual melee injury
> locations from historic and modern sources. I suppose that I shouldn't have
> been so surprised that the damaged hit locations changed so drastically
> depending on the gear of the target, but I was.
> http://www.tameshigiri.ca/2014/06/12/fact-checking-fight-books-comparing-historic-injury-patterns-to-strikes-in-modern-european-sword-arts/
> I couldn't help but try to work out a way to reflect all that information
> in the system without making it too complicated. It might not be possible,
> though.
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