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> On Fri, January 10, 2014 12:11 am, Lawrence Whitaker wrote:
>> I can see Styopa's point, but in practice, I think using a sword as a grave marker would be counter productive. For one thing, its a waste of a good sword. In many cultures swords were expensive and a mark of status: you wouldn't just stick it in the ground in the hope that it would stay there, nobly marking the last resting place of the fallen. Chances are it would simply be stolen. Burying the sword *with *the owner was more commonplace - for the reasons Styopa states. You might use a broken sword as a marker, but a perfectly good one? I doubt it.
> Pretty much this. A good sword is worth something. Even a dodgy sword can
> be converted into something. Really heroic characters may be interred with
> their sword.
> A spear on the other hand...
> In a Glorantha setting I can imagine a Humakti gravemarker with
> appropriate protections from "adventurers". Using an iron sword as a
> gravemarker? Well...

Yes, it was just a bit if an observation. Happened to watch Season of
the Witch and ote the common (movie) practice. I tend to go wih
Lawrences view in my campaing setting, heirlooms artifcats either taken
back to a relative or passed 0onto a friend. But yes, some nice ideas re
cults etc. 

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