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I can see Styopa's point, but in practice, I think using a sword as a grave
marker would be counter productive. For one thing, its a waste of a good
sword. In many cultures swords were expensive and a mark of status: you
wouldn't just stick it in the ground in the hope that it would stay there,
nobly marking the last resting place of the fallen. Chances are it would
simply be stolen. Burying the sword *with *the owner was more commonplace -
for the reasons Styopa states. You might use a broken sword as a marker,
but a perfectly good one? I doubt it.

However, many swords were considered heirlooms too, especially if
well-made, and there would be an expectation for comrades to take a fallen
warrior's weapons and armour back to his kin. Often, this might be the only
source of income a low-status family might have and, again, such equipment
were passed from one generation to the next.

There will, of course, be cultural differences, but generally, I think it
would be a largely impractical (although a very emotional) gesture.

On 9 January 2014 08:00, Styopa <styopa1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Never really thought of it.
> I guess at the minimum, 'having a grave marker' could be considered part
> of the minimum ceremony necessary to lay a person's spirit at rest.  Having
> nothing else handy, a sword could certainly serve for a warrior.
> If you wanted to make it more significant, you could go further and
> REQUIRE that a warrior (of some standing) be buried with their weapons, or
> they end up in the afterlife unarmed forever, and that using a sword as the
> marker would "count" for that.
> Finally, YGMV but you could even say that warriors would have to have a
> sword as part of their grave marker or they'd be angered and come back as
> warrior spirits.
> Lot of variety possible there, but it mostly depends on the burial rituals
> in the cultures in your game.
> On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 6:50 AM, Tony <postmaster at runequest.za.org> wrote:
>> Not really rules related this one, but what are the opinions regarding
>> the reality of someoone using a deceased comerades sword as a gravemarker.
>> You see it on movies often enough, someone dies and when they finish
>> burying him they stick swird in as a tombstone. I wonder if there is a real
>> earth parallel, or if its just movies. What i do know is no one i have ever
>> role played with has done this with a deceased colleagues sword.
>> Tony
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