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Subject: [Runequest] Unarmoured Combatants

> Who would win:
> An Elite Viking Warrior vs himself, one fully armoured and one not, both with sword & shield?
> I always pictured that the non-armoured would have an evens or better chance, but what do SCA people think?
> Would the shield make a difference?
>Anybody investigated this as a physical rather than mental musing exercise.

My money is on the guy with the armour. If you miss a parry armour gives you a much better chance at survival unless the armour is very ill-fitting (I.e. hindering movement AND leaving gaps.) 

And sword-and-shield vs. single sword is a huge difference! There are just som many more manuevers available with two weapons. 

I have fought SCA combat, both duel and melee, though my preference was always the spear in melees. It is generally acknowledged that a good sword&board fighter can hold his own against any comers whatever weapon they bring. 

Sven Norén
SCA.k.a. Frithiof Skägge
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