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We have always played that a Dodge only reduces the level of success. So a normal Dodge would reduce a Critical to a Special, a Special to a Normal hit and a Normal hit to a miss. Makes dodging even less attractive.


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 Phil.It's the argument I always raise when people
 want to make (based on their MMO gaming or fantasy fiction
 books) what are colloquially called "dodge tanks"
 - lightly armored warriors who rely on their active
 defenses.  In RQ3, dodge is a damned attractive ability -
 dodging an attacker allows you to attempt to dodge ALL their
 attacks; plus a successful dodge is 100% effective: it could
 be a little scratch for 1d2 or a giant smash for
 12d12....dodge it, you're safe.  That's
 The problem is, of course, when things go wrong. Also
 there are going to be times in an adventurer's career
 when they are attacked ENTIRELY unexpectedly, for which that
 amazing dodge skill is ... completely worthless.
 If you miss that block or miss that parry or miss on
 that dodge...armor is always there. (OK, yes, crits
 excepted).  It constrains you, it exhausts you, it's
 expensive, it needs maintenance and really it's only
 going to be of use against light/moderate blows.  Someone
 swings at you for that proverbial 12d12 smash, I don't
 care if you're wearing a full suit of Maximillian-era
 jousting plate, you're going to get smushed.
 But, I'd argue, that 95% of what you're going
 to suffer will be blows <10 points.That would
 be why I'd guess most IRL warriors settled for armor
 plus shield - an active defense (shield) that is ALSO useful
 against missiles (not a trivial issue, generally) - with
 armor for a backup of all that stuff that gets past the
 active defense.
 On Fri,
 Feb 7, 2014 at 9:13 AM, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com>
 Styopa makes
 some very good points, and RuneQuest does simulate this
 somewhat. In most versions of RuneQuest you can defend
 (dodge, parry, defense, etc.) against a limited number of
 opponents, the others you'll have to rely on your armour
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