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For RQ6 I generally go with a rough rule of a mount being able to bear (for
extended periods) a SIZ up to one third its own STR+SIZ.

On 30 September 2013 10:58, Marko Perälä <perala at student.uef.fi> wrote:

> I just went through some old RQ3 books and saw many cases of flying
> mounts: Wyvern riders in Strangers in Prax and RQ2 Pavis & Big rubble,
> fly-mounted trollkin in Into the Trolls Realms and giant birds in Griffin
> island (with option for PCs to gain griffin mounts). The question is how do
> we know a particular animal is capable of staying in the air carrying a
> rider of SIZ X? What are the requirements?
> I personally thought something like:
> mount's STR + CON must be greater than its SIZ + rider's SIZ + total cargo
> loadout's SIZ.
> That won't do however, because a small flyer like basilisk or chonchon
> could then grab and carry away full grown men. Maybe the previous formula
> to stay in the air for extended periods and to push off into the air:
> mount's STR vs. total SIZ of rider + loadout.
> How does that sound? Is it reasonable?
> If there are some official rules to this that I miss, I'd be happy to hear
> about it.
> Marko Perälä
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