[Runequest] Flying mounts

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Mon Sep 30 18:58:35 EST 2013

I just went through some old RQ3 books and saw many cases of flying mounts: Wyvern riders in Strangers in Prax and RQ2 Pavis & Big rubble, fly-mounted trollkin in Into the Trolls Realms and giant birds in Griffin island (with option for PCs to gain griffin mounts). The question is how do we know a particular animal is capable of staying in the air carrying a rider of SIZ X? What are the requirements?

I personally thought something like:
mount's STR + CON must be greater than its SIZ + rider's SIZ + total cargo loadout's SIZ.

That won't do however, because a small flyer like basilisk or chonchon could then grab and carry away full grown men. Maybe the previous formula to stay in the air for extended periods and to push off into the air:
mount's STR vs. total SIZ of rider + loadout.

How does that sound? Is it reasonable?
If there are some official rules to this that I miss, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Marko Perälä

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