[Runequest] griffin island

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon Sep 23 19:56:16 EST 2013

Well the session on Saturday went well enough. On boarded a new player and
we are still cutting our teeth on the MRQ1 rules getting used to the
changes in combat etc.

The party landed on Griffin Island after some navigational issue now they
are leaving soldier fort. That's after arriving other side of island for
some emergency repairs. I have put some high lamas in as a caravan, not
supposedly endemic to the island but they fit into my world well enough.

Tony Den wrote:
> Hi all.
> Quick question. Did the map that came with the Griffin Island box set
> (RQIII) have green writing on it as if to depict where a previous owner
> had made his notes?
> The alternative is that the one I have's real life previous owner made the
> notes.....
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