[Runequest] Armor

Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 19:46:44 EST 2013

They can afford it if they pay the iron price.

I generally assume that an adventurer whose character sheet says they have
chainmail in all locations actually has a mix of all kinds of scrounged and
looted replacement parts that average out to the same. By the time that
you've been playing a character for a few game years, he may have the same
armour written down but probably nothing remains of the original stuff.
Sometimes we keep track of these details, sometimes we don't, depends on
the style of the game.

You get some loot, you sell it. Well, that's the simplified story. Maybe
you kept a bit of armour from the guys you took down, and sold a bit of
your old damaged armour.

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