[Runequest] The RQIII Dodge fix

Steve Perrin steve.perrin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 15:52:54 EST 2013

Thank you, Lev, for the perhaps inadvertent plug for my SPQR rules.

As for "Conan-in-a-loin-cloth," I would like to point out that Conan 
always wore as much armor as he could afford and use effectively in the 
situation. When the scouts going over the river were wearing leather, 
Conan was wearing chain because he could be just as quiet in the chain 
as they could in the leather. When it came time to lead the legions of 
Valusia (or am I getting his kingdom mixed up with Kull's?) he was in 
full plate.

"Scalds with safety," was Shakespeare's phrase, and he had it right.

Steve Perrin

On 10/7/2013 9:36 PM, Lev Lafayette wrote:
> On Tue, October 8, 2013 3:15 pm, Styopa wrote:
>> Nevertheless, dodge-as-written still remains useful:
>> 1) dodge, and you can dodge ALL attacks from that target.  That can be a
>> dozen attacks.
>> 2) dodge successfully, and you avoid ALL damage, whether it was a 1-point
>> whiff or a 45-point chomp from a dragon.
>> 3) dodge avoids follow-on effects of hits that don't even penetrate armor,
>> like magic-touch attacks or acid.
> Re 2: I think that point was made with the example in the rulebook of
> fighting a lion with a dagger. To paraphrase; "parrying a lion with a
> dagger is an exercise in futility".
> The simplest and oft-used solution is simply to have degree of dodge
> success reduce the degree of attack success. So a successful dodge (-1)
> against a critical attack (+3, success, special, critical) would reduce
> the critical to a success.
> This can be used for other contested rolls as well.

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