[Runequest] Armor does break...with abandon!

Andre Powell sunwolfek12 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 7 23:04:39 EST 2013

Gary Sturgess said: 

"Sure, but this is the rules list, right? And as such, the original question
was how much does it cost to fix, presumably in RQ terms rather than real
world terms.

I merely pointed out that (aside from acid and so on) armour doesn't
actually break in RQ, so there are no specific costs for repairing it.
Other responders have given fairly reasonable suggestions however for how
much it should cost if it did.

I wasn't by any means suggesting that armour didn't REALLY break, merely
that the game mechanics (more or less) don't cover it. Presumably our
heroes spend their evenings doing minor repairs or something."

You are absolutely right, Gary. I stand corrected. My bad for not getting that critical point :-)

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