[Runequest] Armor does break...with abandon!

Ravi Desai rdesai at chartermi.net
Mon Oct 7 07:34:16 EST 2013

Wow!  I'd hate to see the list of someone who was an expert!  Seriously, though, you are correct.  And more, my experience is that until you have used your armor a while it is actually a hinderance to many other tasks you might try to do. 

Other role playing games have the concept of becoming proficient with your armor.  RQ has never had that, which I can understand from a playability standpoint; one less thing to think about.  But from a realism standpoint, you are missing out on some interesting playability aspects. And if you had armor proficiency bonuses built into the game mechanics, you could take them away for armor that fell into disrepair. It could make for a set of interesting house rules, anyway...

> On Oct 6, 2013, at 8:39 AM, Andre Powell <sunwolfek12 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> "A more pertinent question is how does it get broken? Mechanically, I don't
> think armour ever gets damaged..."
> By the gods, wear and tear was a constant bother!
> I am no expert by any means, but these “problems” quickly came to mind as I recalled what my harness suffered during a decade playing in a historical recreation society—full contact live steel and rebated weapons.
> Dents and distortions—all the time, every encounter
> Welds splits—breast plate cracked right down the keel
> Articulation dented and distorted—interfere with movement and comfort. In joints this was particularly bothersome as they froze up
> Rivets pulled through—leaving a large hole that needs a larger rivet, leads to plate loss and vulnerability
> Rivets popped and broke— leads to plate loss vulnerability
> Leather straps tore or wore through— leads to plate loss vulnerability, discomfort
> Leather strap buckles broke—leads to plate loss vulnerability, discomfort
> Leather undercoat or backing tore—leads to plate loss and rivet malfunction, vulnerable
> Burs cut into armor plate and metal cut me—cut and stab, loss of comfort
> Literally broken plates—it can and does happen
> Small plates, scales, rings broken or lost—brigandine or lamellar plates, vulnerable
> Leather ties and whip-cords broken or  lost—hanging armor, vulnerable
> Hinges broken or distorted—loss of movement
> Mail rings popped rivets or broke welds—vulnerability
> Waxed thread wore through and unraveled—loss of anchored or encased plate
> Shield splinters—shrapnel
> Loose rivets in helmet—incessant ringing in the ears…very distracting 
> I listed “discomfort” as a consequence many times. This is not to suggest that the wearing of armor is a comfortable experience akin to wearing clothes, but armor does have its own definition of comfort. If armor is not perspective-ly comfortable, neither is the wearer and this is not conducive to the advantages of a full range of movement.
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