[Runequest] A list of every D100 game?

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> This doesn't really relate, perhaps, because it was never published. But I
> was just down in my basement going through a box of old material, and I
> found an adaptation that one of my roommates wrote in college...it must
> have been about 28 or 29 years ago. It was a science fiction version of
> RuneQuest III. Initially he called it StarQuest, I think, but that name was
> taken so he changed it to Nova Fire. I think he sent a query to Chaosium
> about it, but obviously nothing ever came of it.
> My copy may well be the only one left in existence. It's actually a pretty
> good-sized book. I think I'll bring it upstairs and save it from
> disintegrating down there.

Speaking of an unpublished D100 sci-fi adaption..the head of Mongoose
Publishing authored and offered a free release of a D100 adaptation of
Mongoose's "Traveller" game. About 80-85% complete, it's actually not bad.
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