[Runequest] A list of every D100 game?

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Drakar och Demoner from Sweden is indeed derived entirely from Magic 
World (not Fantasy World). I am told by a couple of Swedish 
correspondents that the current edition does not bear much resemblance 
to the original. Among other things, they went to a D20 instead of D100, 
which kind of removes it from the OP's potential list.

Is Chasoium really still publishing Superworld as a PDF? The same as it 
came out of the box? Gee, maybe I should start a campaign after all... I 
still have the manuscript for a large Superworld scenario called Fire 
Down Below that got axed when I left Chaosium. I wonder...

On 11/21/2013 6:46 AM, Stephen Posey wrote:
> Superworld was actually released as a complete boxed game by Chaosium 
> sometime after WoW,, with rules expanded and somewhat clarified from 
> what was in the WoW booklet. There was also a Superworld Companion and 
> a couple of scenario books. All are currently available for PDF 
> download from Chaosium or RPGNow.
> To my knowledge neither Future World nor Magic World ever received 
> similar treatment; at least not until the recent release of Magic 
> World for the new iteration of BRP.
> Stephen Posey
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>     Elric is out of print, right? I thought Chaosium lost all the
>     Eternal Champion rights?
>     As I recall, there were at least a couple of supplements released
>     for the SuperWorld section of Worlds of Wonder. Was SuperWorld
>     itself ever released separately? And were  Future*World or
>     MagicWorld ever released as stand-alones? I really should
>     remember, but I don't.
>     On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Mark Ahnen <ahnen at hotmail.com
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>         Great summary Stephen!
>         I can hardly fault you for missing "The Morrow Project" which
>         was clearly a BRP/Runequest knock-off, as you wrote such a
>         great list!
>         My best,
>         Mark
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>         Here's the ones I know about.
>         If you're limiting it to games that can be purchased "new"
>         (print or download), these are readily available on rpgnow:
>         *Chaosium
>         *
>         Superworld
>         A few others:
>         The Swedish Drakar och Demoner FRPG was based on Fantasy World
>         from Worlds of Wonder

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