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Thank you, If you want to see a better formatted version, I can send you 
an MSWord 2007 document or post it to the file section.

On 11/21/2013 10:09 AM, Brian Libby wrote:
> This is very intriguing.
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>     Actually Styopa is correct & you are some. It's in the original
>     version
>     notes & discussions, but didn't become "official" if I recall
>     correctly.
>     If I remember correctly the "official" one was to roll a D10 & if
>     it was
>     a 1 or 2 your character is left-handed, a "0" meant ambidextrous.  A
>     variant on the D6/D12 included if the scores matched then the
>     character
>     was ambidextrous. I have that hand written in my notes somewhere.
>     To address the being "Dexterous vs left-handed":
>     Another variant for that I played with when I was doing a VSF (now
>     known
>     as Steampunk) for testing setting variants back in '78 split the
>     characteristics into paired characteristics. The Basic routine was to
>     roll 2D10 (or 3D6 - is what I used originally) & assign them to the
>     "Parent Characteristic" (the classic ones STR, CON, etc). Then you
>     break
>     up the value into two "Paired Characteristics" that match the Parent
>     (these are the ones that actually get used in game play when you
>     need to
>     roll a basic percent or use an add-on). I then used the D6/D12 routine
>     ofr D10 version depending on what Steve was using at the time.
>     Hopefully the charts survive getting yahoo-ed. If not send me an
>     email &
>     I'll send you the original chapter.

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