[Runequest] A list of every D100 game?

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Great summary Stephen! 
I can hardly fault you for missing "The Morrow Project" which was clearly a BRP/Runequest knock-off, as you wrote such a great list!
My best,
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Here's the ones I know about.


If you're limiting it to games that can be purchased "new" (print or download), these are readily available on rpgnow:


Basic Roleplaying
Call of Cthulhu
Cthulhu Dark Ages

Slaine the Roleplaying Game

Design Mechanism  
RuneQuest 6

Cakebread & Walton
Clockwork and Chivalry 2nd Edition
Dark Streets



Out of print games inlcude:

Runequest II
Stormbringer (1e-4e)
Old BRP Rules
Worlds of Wonder
Elric!/Stormbringer 5e

Avalon Hill
Runequest 3

French Language
Nephilim 1e-3e
Hawkmoon Nouvelle Edition


A few others:

The Swedish Drakar och Demoner FRPG was based on Fantasy World from Worlds of Wonder

FGU's Other Suns is famously BRP based. The PSI-World rules are so BRP-like that it might be considered a "clone".

My understanding is that the Kult horror game is somehow BRP derived.


If I think of any others I'll post 'em.


Stephen Posey

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Does anyone have a list of every single game currently in print (or freely available for legal download) which is derived to a substantial degree from the original RuneQuest?

Such a list would include Basic Roleplaying, RuneQuest 6, Legend, OpenQuest, and Call of Cthulhu, of course. And maybe G.O.R.E. But I'm pretty sure that there are others.

It would also be fascinating to see a list of every related system that was EVER published, but that would be a truly colossal project.


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