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I think that's merely a factor of the granularity rationalizations inherent
in any RPG 'stat' system...each stat lumps in a collective group of
conceptually-similar but recognized-distinct factors; for example
"Intelligence" generally is assumed to include (at least) 3 almost
unrelated facets: memory, knowledge (or, how much one has learned), and
what I'd call brainpower or raw cunning.  I know a rather large number of
people who are strong in one of these three but extremely bad at the other
two.  "Dex" includes balance, reflexes, flexibility, physical dexterity,
coordination, sometimes even running speed, etc.

As a tangent, it seems that most systems have 6-8 attributes (primary or
derived-secondary).  I seem to remember Rolemaster had a ton (although one
could say so does RQ with the 'Agility', etc mods.).  Anyone remember any
systems that had substantially more?

Good article on RPG stats, systems, and how they could be perhaps better
evaluated: http://hiddenway.tripod.com/articles/attrib.html

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 1:56 AM, <karl at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> Hmmm. THere's a challenge, as an ambidexterous I've always hated how in
> games ambidexterity equates to excellent agility or 'dexterity'. Take it
> from me it aint nessisarily so. In my case I have excellent
> micro-manipulation skills under the microscope but on the playing field
> I've always been picked last with good reason.
> Quoting Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com>:
>  Interesting points, Styopa - thanks! How about having two lists, then? One
>> of advantages, and one of disadvantages. PCs could roll once or more on
>> each one, Or instead might be allowed to pick one or more from each one,
>> said choices being subject to the GM's approval of course.
>> My concern is that some advantages might be so overwhelmingly positive
>> that
>> everyone would want them, such as eidetic memory. So what the hell: I HAVE
>> added a new section to the Chaos Project. And I've put in my own entry for
>> Eidetic Memory, just to make sure that it's not ridiculously unbalanced.
>> Anyone can make entries in the form, so here's an invitation: if you have
>> an idea for some interesting personal quality that could be expressed in a
>> D100 system in a meaningful way, please feel free! It's the last form in
>> the Chaos Project, at the bottom of the page. I've tested it, and it
>> worked
>> on my desktop and mobile device. It's based on Google Forms, so it's nice
>> and solid so far.
>> ...oh yeah. Almost forgot the URL: http://www.runequest.org/chaosproj.htm
>> On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 9:38 PM, Styopa <styopa1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 8:18 PM, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>  What I like about advantages and disadvantages is the degree to which
>>>> they allow customization of a character. I'm not looking for a new way
>>>> for
>>>> minmaxers to abuse the system; rather, I'd like to see the system gain
>>>> the
>>>> ability to handle more detail in a meaningful way.
>>>> For example, I'm a "supertaster". To me, it seems that most people go
>>>> through life smelling and tasting remarkably little (smell and taste
>>>> play a
>>>> comparatively large role in my campaigns as a result). I'm also
>>>> nearsighted
>>>> and farsighted, correctable to 20/15. No version of RQ or BRP that I
>>>> know
>>>> of has any way to reflect such abilities and disabilities save by GM
>>>> fiat.
>>>> And they're not just unimportant window dressing; my sense of smell has
>>>> probably saved my life at least twice, or at least helped me to avoid
>>>> considerable harm. My poor vision has also led to at least one
>>>> life-threatening situation. These things *matter*. We ALL have such
>>>> personal qualities. And yet unless the GM or player makes a special
>>>> exception, RuneQuest characters simply don't.
>>>> So I'm not really looking for advantages of the GURPS Supers variety;
>>>> rather, I'm thinking about ways to implement the personal differences
>>>> which
>>>> can be significant but are currently not represented in the system. I'm
>>>> almost tempted to add another section to the Chaos Project on my site
>>>> for
>>>> this topic.
>>> I entirely agree with you - but for me, what is the bright, clear
>>> dividing
>>> line between a 'superhero-y, game-y' advantage/disadvantage system
>>> is...choice.
>>> IF the advantage system is random - meaning people have as equal a chance
>>> to get a sucky one (nearsightedness, for example) as a great one
>>> (ambidextrous), then it is about verisimilitude and interesting
>>> characters.
>>>  If it's a point buying system, that's just min-max bait, imo.
>>> For that matter, I also prefer to shock the sensibilities of my
>>> teen/young
>>> adult players with the ***crazy** old-fashioned idea that you simply ROLL
>>> your stats and play the character as rolled (allowing a teensy bit of
>>> re-rolling, etc to allow that the players should be at least
>>> slightly-better-than-average, I mean, we all think we are anyway ...
>>> don't
>>> we?)
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