[Runequest] Quick-and-dirty skill pyramid

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On 19 November 2013 04:20, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> Interesting points, Styopa - thanks! How about having two lists, then? One
> of advantages, and one of disadvantages. PCs could roll once or more on
> each one, Or instead might be allowed to pick one or more from each one,
> said choices being subject to the GM's approval of course.

That is, IIRC, roughly how Savage Worlds handles it. Basically you pick 1
or 2 advantages (they call them edges) and 1 or 2 disadvantages. That's all
there is to it.

I would be much more inclined to add that level of complexity to RQ than to
fold them into a points-based character generation system so that the more
disadvantages someone has, the more competent they are.

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