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> What I like about advantages and disadvantages is the degree to which they
> allow customization of a character. I'm not looking for a new way for
> minmaxers to abuse the system; rather, I'd like to see the system gain the
> ability to handle more detail in a meaningful way.
> For example, I'm a "supertaster". To me, it seems that most people go
> through life smelling and tasting remarkably little (smell and taste play a
> comparatively large role in my campaigns as a result). I'm also nearsighted
> and farsighted, correctable to 20/15. No version of RQ or BRP that I know
> of has any way to reflect such abilities and disabilities save by GM fiat.
> And they're not just unimportant window dressing; my sense of smell has
> probably saved my life at least twice, or at least helped me to avoid
> considerable harm. My poor vision has also led to at least one
> life-threatening situation. These things *matter*. We ALL have such
> personal qualities. And yet unless the GM or player makes a special
> exception, RuneQuest characters simply don't.
> So I'm not really looking for advantages of the GURPS Supers variety;
> rather, I'm thinking about ways to implement the personal differences which
> can be significant but are currently not represented in the system. I'm
> almost tempted to add another section to the Chaos Project on my site for
> this topic.

I entirely agree with you - but for me, what is the bright, clear dividing
line between a 'superhero-y, game-y' advantage/disadvantage system
IF the advantage system is random - meaning people have as equal a chance
to get a sucky one (nearsightedness, for example) as a great one
(ambidextrous), then it is about verisimilitude and interesting characters.
 If it's a point buying system, that's just min-max bait, imo.

For that matter, I also prefer to shock the sensibilities of my teen/young
adult players with the ***crazy** old-fashioned idea that you simply ROLL
your stats and play the character as rolled (allowing a teensy bit of
re-rolling, etc to allow that the players should be at least
slightly-better-than-average, I mean, we all think we are anyway ... don't
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