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As far as stats and skill-buying, aren't those pretty much the same as
GURPS already anyway?
Sounds a little bit like you're re-inventing the wheel?

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 7:41 AM, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Bruce, I didn't know about RQ6/Legend's smaller skill lists and
> higher base; I've added appropriate caveats to the version I'll eventually
> post on my RQ site.
> At the risk of being told I'm an idiot, let me veer into a more
> speculative realm.
> Building on the skill pyramid character design system, in the past I've
> experimented a little with folding this system in with a characteristic
> point-buying system. In that system, PCs start with all characteristics at
> species average, and can sell or buy characteristic points using the same
> build points that they'd spend on skills (the total number of points being
> increased, of course!). In that case characteristics were tiered in value,
> with Dexterity and Intelligence the most expensive and Size the cheapest
> since both high and low SIZ have benefits and drawbacks.
> Each additional point of characteristic would cost as much as the previous
> point, plus the cost of the initial added point. So Dexterity would cost 10
> points for the first point, 20 for the second, 30 for the third, 40 for the
> fourth, etc. Each point would have to be paid for, so assuming that DEX
> started at 11 (rounding the species average upward) a DEX of 18 would cost
> 280 skill points. Since Intelligence starts two points higher (due to the
> higher species average - 2D6+6 rather than 3D6) an Intelligence of 18 costs
> 150 points.
> Power costs 8 skill points for the first point, Strength 7, Constitution
> 5, Appearance 3, and Size 1. All increase in cost the same way for
> additional points.
> All point buys in a specific characteristic must be made and paid for at
> once. You cannot buy a point of a characteristic at a time to get it more
> cheaply. Of course no characteristic can be bought above the normal rolled
> maximum without special dispensation from the gamemaster.
> Characteristic points can be sold in the same way, yielding skill points.
> So if three points of Intelligence are sold, the PC gains (10+20+30) 60
> skill points. Again, no characteristic may be sold down below minimum value
> without the GM's approval, and any reduction of more than two points would
> likewise require a sign-off by the GM.
> Using this system, it would cost a human 1,368 points to have an 18 in
> every characteristic. I'm still pondering the total number of points that
> would be appropriate for a combined skill-and-characteristic system.
> I also noticed with interest long ago that the GURPS system of advantages
> and disadvantages could be incorporated very nicely into RuneQuest - and
> what's more, it could easily be made to fit in with the point-buying system!
> ->Peter
> On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Bruce Mason <mason.bruce at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I have used versions of this though not quite as generous. That said,
>> I've used it mostly for the RQ6/Legend branch which has much smaller skill
>> lists and a reasonably high base chance.
>> 1*60, 2*50, 3*40 and 4*30 is the basic pyramid I use (400 skill points)
>> then either 5*20 (and you can add to pre-existing skills) or 2*50 to two
>> new skills.
>> Finally everyone gets +40 to own language, lore (homeland), culture
>> (homeland). These do stack with any other additions.
>> Bruce
>>  On 17 November 2013 20:33, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  For many years now I've used a quick-and dirty method of skill
>>> generation for RuneQuest, and I thought it might be worth posting here. I
>>> hope I didn't post it before!
>>> Call it a skill pyramid. After the players have generated their
>>> characteristics and determined their skill category bonuses, they have the
>>> following points that they can distribute into their skills:
>>> 70 x 1
>>> 60 x 2
>>> 50 x 3
>>> 40 x 4
>>> 30 x 5
>>> 20 x 6
>>> 10 x 7
>>> So they can add 70% to one skill, adding that to the base (or cultural)
>>> percentage and their category modifier. They can add 60% to two other
>>> skills, using the same method. Etc, etc.
>>> Of course attacks and parries are separate skills. If a character is
>>> using a specialization which is skill-intensive, such as RQIII Sorcery,
>>> I'll allow them additional skill percentages as needed to maintain
>>> reasonable balance.
>>> Although they're not normally allowed to add to a skill more than once -
>>> for example they can't add up all seven 10% additions and give themselves a
>>> second +70 - I do sometimes allow them to add leftover 10s or 20s to a
>>> skill that has already had an add. But NO skill can have more than a total
>>> 70% add, and I'd be very unlikely to allow any additional add that
>>> increases the total addition to more than 50%.
>>> Of course, for a higher-level campaign I'd increase the top skill level.
>>> And I'd decrease it for a low-level one.
>>> So has anyone else used this method? Or something like it?
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