[Runequest] Quick-and-dirty skill pyramid

Peter Maranci pmaranci at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 07:33:37 EST 2013

For many years now I've used a quick-and dirty method of skill generation
for RuneQuest, and I thought it might be worth posting here. I hope I
didn't post it before!

Call it a skill pyramid. After the players have generated their
characteristics and determined their skill category bonuses, they have the
following points that they can distribute into their skills:

70 x 1
60 x 2
50 x 3
40 x 4
30 x 5
20 x 6
10 x 7

So they can add 70% to one skill, adding that to the base (or cultural)
percentage and their category modifier. They can add 60% to two other
skills, using the same method. Etc, etc.

Of course attacks and parries are separate skills. If a character is using
a specialization which is skill-intensive, such as RQIII Sorcery, I'll
allow them additional skill percentages as needed to maintain reasonable

Although they're not normally allowed to add to a skill more than once -
for example they can't add up all seven 10% additions and give themselves a
second +70 - I do sometimes allow them to add leftover 10s or 20s to a
skill that has already had an add. But NO skill can have more than a total
70% add, and I'd be very unlikely to allow any additional add that
increases the total addition to more than 50%.

Of course, for a higher-level campaign I'd increase the top skill level.
And I'd decrease it for a low-level one.

So has anyone else used this method? Or something like it?
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