[Runequest] Pete's RQ updates & D&D conversion notes

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Tue Nov 5 07:17:44 EST 2013

With D&D3.0 and Pathfinder rules, conversion to RQ is both easier and harder. Easier in terms that the systems are a lot more skill oriented, and thus easier to convert, but at the same time Feats and certain class features may prove to be a lot harder to handle. 

Has anyone looked into that?


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 Subject: [Runequest] Pete's RQ updates & D&D conversion notes
 To: "RuneQuest Rules" <runequest at rpgreview.net>
 Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013, 1:33 PM
 I've posted a lot of
 updates to the site over the past few months, including new
 up-to-date HTML versions of the Found Items, Magic Items,
 and Chaotic Features sections - 1,469 entries in all. 
 I'm considering posting epub versions as
 well, for mobile devices and offline use.
 Although most of the entries are pretty
 generic, I wrote up a quick RQ to D&D guide - not to
 convert campaigns, just to help D&D GMs make easier use
 of the more RuneQuest-specific items. I haven't played
 D&D in a very long time, though, so if anyone happens to
 notice anything that's wrong or could use clarification,
 please let me know.
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