[Runequest] Considering a house rule.

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Fri May 24 13:59:22 EST 2013

Asher Royce Yaffee wrote:
> Hi, All,
>    I was considering a house rule.  The intention of the house rule is to
> make combat easier for my kids.  But I thought I'd run it by you all in
> case I'm missing a staggeringly dumb implication.
Asher, it can and indeed has worked in my experience. I run a RQIII
campaign but alternate with my brother who uses a hybrid of HarnMaster and
RQIII (and likely some of his own house rules). In his hybrid system
wounds are handled like that. Based on the nature if the damage you will
give or receive a Small, Moderate or Heavy (there may be fatal) wound and
there will be a factor to it. So a reasonable punch to ones ribs may be
ruled as a S1, where a sucking chest wound delivered by a gladius may be a

That said I can't say if this will actually make it easier or harder for
your children. If you are looking for ease I suggest using check blocks
for each hit location. Half a block is small or bruise damage, a full
block is a point. So say each body location has 10 blocks. And say as per
above the lads been in a fist fight and has taken some bruisinh to his
chest, say 5 points. He then has 5 half blocks. (As in single pencil
stroke diagonal across each block, a full block will be an X). Thereafter
say the fight gets a tad more serious and a dagger gets pulled and he
takes a slash in same clocatio, he gets say 3 full blocks. then he gets
another hefty punch for 4 small points. There are only 2 blocks open so he
marks these and then starts turning halfs to fulls for what bruise remains
- I.e. He will end up with 5 full blocks and 5 halfs.

The immediatly obvious drawback of such though is then, based on the
above, if he takes more heavy damage how do you track it. Do you just rule
each half becomes a full or that 2 halfs = 1 whole.

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