[Runequest] Considering a house rule.

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Thu May 23 10:02:08 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   I was considering a house rule.  The intention of the house rule is to
make combat easier for my kids.  But I thought I'd run it by you all in
case I'm missing a staggeringly dumb implication.
   The house rule would be that any wound done to a hit location that does
less than the hit points of said location would be treated as "small
wounds", and not be strictly cumulative.  Instead, the largest "small
wound" would be recorded as damage points, and any other small wounds would
be check marks next to the damage record.  At some point, as yet undecided,
the accumulation of check marks would count as disabling the hit location.
   Example:  A player character named Julius gets stabbed in the left arm.
 He has 3 hp there.  The dagger does 2 points.  The player marks 2 points
of damage.  Then Julius gets stabbed again in the same arm, this time for 1
points of damage.
   Instead of disabling the arm, this extra point of damage would be
recorded simply as a check mark next to the 2 damage points.  After taking
a couple more 1-to-2-point hits on the left arm, the GM rules the limb
   (Meanwhile, other colleagues have been stabbing Julius as well.  He
suffers a total of 34 wounds.  But an experienced fellow studies the corpse
and announces that only two of the wounds were lethal.)
   Have I made the idea clear?
   Am I missing something that would make me regret this as a house rule?
   Any and all feedback is welcome.  Thanks ahead of time.

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