[Runequest] Stupid monsters...

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Fri May 17 21:06:16 EST 2013

> Many of the bad examples were Monsters invented just to have some bad pun
> or play on words.  We read a lot of Xanth when we were role-playing as
> kids, so we stole the bad pun stuff from there and incorporated it into
> our D&D games a lot.  Some of his other examples are pretty funny; clothes
> that eat you, floors and ceilings that eat you, treasure chests that eat
> you, documenting the digestive system of a living stalactite that drops on
> you to impale eat you (and has no obvious way to get back on the ceiling
> again).

Piercers crawl, very slowly. Check their movement rate :)

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