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A lot of people didn't believe Platypuses (Platypi?) were real when they were first documented, so sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.  But that doesn't mean that game designers didn't put a bunch of stupid stuff in there too.

Many of the bad examples were Monsters invented just to have some bad pun or play on words.  We read a lot of Xanth when we were role-playing as kids, so we stole the bad pun stuff from there and incorporated it into our D&D games a lot.  Some of his other examples are pretty funny; clothes that eat you, floors and ceilings that eat you, treasure chests that eat you, documenting the digestive system of a living stalactite that drops on you to impale eat you (and has no obvious way to get back on the ceiling again).  I'm not quite sure how they get so big if they can only eat once.  Living traps type of stuff.

RQ has some silly monsters for sure,  but a lot fewer of the "game turned against you" variety.  None of it bothers me anyway.  I've only been in one campaign where anyone took it anything like seriously.  It's all part of the fun, we should be able to laugh at our games and ourselves.


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> If you lookat the stuff that was in mediaeval and roman bestiaries, things that people believed actually existed (e.g. Ant-Lion, the result of the mating of an ant and a lion), then nothing in Glorantha is out of the ordinary. We in the modern world have a highly developed sense of what is rational and possible and what is not, so we just laught at some of the ideas that ancient peoples would have taken very seriously.
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