[Runequest] Stupid monsters...

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Fri May 17 12:54:37 EST 2013

I imagine that most of us are familiar with the classic Head Injury
article on D&D and 30 Years of Stupid Monsters. If not you're in for a


I am so tempted to stat-up the Flumph for RuneQuest.

So, in that spirit, what are the stupid monsters of RuneQuest (and by
association, Glorantha)?

Sure, I don't think there as many, because RQ never produced Monster
Manual I - XIV. But surely there's a few?

Or is it that RQ/Glorantha critters are so deeply embedded in a consistent
paradigm that even the bad ones make sense?

Ducks? Whether of the durulz or keet variety, whether humans cursed with
web-feet, or ducks cursed with intelligence, are ducks stupid?

Dark Elves? For some unknown reason I happily accept the walking trees of
the Aldryami, but the group consciousness bipedal mushroom people? Yeah,
it still makes sense dammit.

Jack O'Bear? Giant scarecrows with pumpkin heads that fire paralysing
bolts? That's a challenge even for D&D's psychotic underwear to top.

Grotaron? I don't even want to think of how their digestive system works.

Owl Lion? An giant owl-puma crossbreed that hates and hunts both parents.
I would to. "What the hell are you doing? I'm not even remotely the same
species, you pervert!"

Actually the "Tom, Dick, and Harry" triple headed chaos monster annoys me


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