[Runequest] Flaming attacks

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Thu May 16 22:10:08 EST 2013

Does appear that lamp oil wasn't the burn-y fluid of death made out of high


Whilst fire arrows aren't total myth, I suspect simple cloth and lamp oil
isn't going to create much of a burn:


Dry thatch - I'd allow it. But trying to burn down swamp castle isn't going
to work, I think.

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> Ben Turner wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm running a "bog standard, medieval style fantasy setting" for the
> > latest
> > Runequest version, and my players have come across a tower with stone
> > walls, two floors (the dividing floor being made of thick, hard wood),
> and
> > a thatched roofing.
> <Snip>
> I would rule lamp oil does not burn the same. My reasoning is if it did
> why did people bother with pitch and naptha and greek fire etc. (Other
> than pitch would stick).
> That said if you use lamp oil you can use that excellent dropped oil lamp
> table which one would hope due to its critical nature has prmolgated from
> RQ3 through newer versions:)
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