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Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Thu May 16 10:01:13 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   Combat styles are an element of RQ6 that I find very attractive as a GM.
   As a player, I didn't want them because I usually had my own ideas of
how my characters should develop their weapon skills.  "And then I want to
develop left-handed dagger skill."  (Then the GM would ask difficult
questions like where is my character from.  "Uh, the circus?")  You get the
   As a GM, however, I find combat styles attractive in two ways:

1.  Many, many players have a some stereotype in mind.  The Viking.  The
legionary.  You know what I mean.  Then they get pulled away from this
image by picking and choosing on the weapons table.  "Hmm.  Would I be
better off with that other weapon, instead?  Not what I had in mind,
but..."  You probably know what I mean.
   So they sometimes end up a little less invested in their characters.
 Especially younger players.

2.  As a GM, many of the opponents I throw at my players are movie extras.
 I don't have time to give much thought to their skills.  But if I can
simply say, "Hoplite style," then I've just made things a lot easier on

   Just a thought.

   Not that I can drop $60 bucks on gaming materials these days, but I'm
looking forward to reading RQ6 eventually.  :-)

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