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Hi, All,
   Loved the rocket story.  :-)  Thanks!
   I usually approach these sorts of questions in the following way:

1.  The players really want to do something that looks impractical.
2.  Come up with some hoop to jump through.  A project of some sort.  If
they want it bad enough, they'll complete the project.
3.  If they jump through the hoop, then I will declare it successful.
4.  Praise them for the execution of what has become their fiendish plan,
merit badge accomplishment, what have you.

   Here are a couple ideas:
1.  The combustibles.  Something large, at least the size of a big basket.
 It'll be a skillful mixture of tar, straw, something that lights well and
burns hot -- you get the picture.  Lore roles may be required.
2.  The delivery system.  Usually I'd say a miniature catapult, using
devise skill and carpentry skill, but that's out because the thatch is too
   Maybe a cunning plan to knock air holes into the walls of the first
floor, and scaffolding to hold the combustibles close to the 1st floor
   If they go through that much work, I'll let them set fire to the wood
floor, be it realistic or not.  And kudos for coming up with a plan to make
the mixture extra smoky by the entrance to the 2nd floor -- to smoke out
the defenders.

   If the players get engrossed in the scheme, then I'll put off any river
spirits until the players are feeling quite pleased with themselves.  But,
if the players lose interest when I propose the hoop, then I'll bring in
the river spirit right away.

   I don't know if this sort of thinking helps any with your players, but I
offer it just in case.
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