[Runequest] RQ6 Combat Styles

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Tue May 14 10:41:04 EST 2013

> Which seem to be integral to RQ6 (and do look like a good idea).  The
> problem is that, though there's a lot of waffle about Combat Styles,
> there's almost no hard data - just two examples in sidebars.  Has anyone
> been down this sort of road and produced any combat styles I could
> beg/borrow/steal - preferably for a European Early Medieval world (think
> Western Europe, AD800 - 1100) - please??

The quick and easy method would be to use weapon categories (e.g., swords,
axe/mace, pole arms, etc), which is similar to RQ3.

A more complex method would be to add these with combinations (e.g., /w

And even more complex would be in military formations (e.g., bow as
skirmisher, pole arm in formation, etc).

If you're really pressed for time go for the quick and easy method.

In the longer run (and something that RQ6 really needs to work on) is what
sort of modifiers are applied to acting out of style.

For example, if you use broad weapon categories, the simplest method, pole
arms can be put in their own category. Long pointy or hacking things.

If you add "in formation" to the style however, that restricts the skill.
So either one receives a bonus for when their in the narrower frame, or a
negative if they are in the broader frame.

This is a significant core issue in the game to me which seems just a
little hand-wavy as writ.

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