[Runequest] SPAM SCORE *****Re: RQ6 Combat Styles

Phil Hendry philhendry at macace.net
Tue May 14 07:59:23 EST 2013

Thanks guys - food for thought!

> One of the odder consequences of RQ6 combat styles rules is that 'soldiers' tend to end up with weaker special attacks, at least if you go by historical models for styles, because soldiers end up with special attacks usable in groups, which almost never see use in most games. 

My group is, perhaps, a bit odd, with a couple of people with military experience - modern-day, obviously.  That has the side-effect that they have a habit of setting up what one might call 'standard tactical models' for particular situations - such has, for example, when advancing down a corridor towards an enemy, they will do their best to form an effective shield-wall so as to stand a decent chance of arriving in the best possible shape.  So special attacks designed for groups will be right up their street!

Thanks again,

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