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One of the odder consequences of RQ6 combat styles rules is that 'soldiers' tend to end up with weaker special attacks, at least if you go by historical models for styles, because soldiers end up with special attacks usable in groups, which almost never see use in most games. 

I'm contemplating rules for buying extra special properties for combat styles. I think this might be a void way to model martial arts arts, which often seem like they should offer more than one. 

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> This may sound weak, but I told my players that anything reasonable that they could come up with and justify (either in literature, or even just a good picture like from the Palladium Weapons books) would be acceptable to assert a 'set' of weapons available to a combat style.
> Further, I would listen to their rationalization, and then typically give them the choice of one of a couple different special-attack abilities like the intimidating shout, etc.  This made it a nicely interactive process, it helped with character visualization, and allowed me to 'nudge' their character if I felt they were underpowered or overpowered and trying to game the system (oh, your background is reasonably plausible and lets you be really good with a half-dozen different weapons?  Then here's your relatively weak special attack (or none at all).).  It played quite well with my group at least.
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>> Hi Guys,
>> I'm in a slight pickle here...  I was expecting to be running my first RQ6 game in about six weeks time, so was taking my time getting organised.  However, the mother of the guy who is/was GMing our current game (40K Dark Heresy) has just died, so I'm being thrust into the fray before I'm anything like ready, because he's (a) grieving, and (b) having to deal with her estate and will and all that.
>> As regards tables, I'm okay, 'cos I can nick the ones from the downloadable 'GM Pack'.  Characters I'll make a start on preparing before the game, and the players can spend part of the first session 'filling in the blanks' so as to 'take ownership' (they don't much like the 'nitty gritty', but are happy to do the 'soft' bits - descriptions, backgrounds and the like).  Where I'm at a bit of a loss though, is Combat Styles...  Which seem to be integral to RQ6 (and do look like a good idea).  The problem is that, though there's a lot of waffle about Combat Styles, there's almost no hard data - just two examples in sidebars.  Has anyone been down this sort of road and produced any combat styles I could beg/borrow/steal - preferably for a European Early Medieval world (think Western Europe, AD800 - 1100) - please??
>> The setting is a 'home-brewed' one, which I've been slowly writing notes for over the past five years or so, and have been gathering together and making reasonably 'internally consistent' over the past few weeks/months.  It's a *fairly* traditional medieval fantasy world, with the usual peoples - humans, dwarves, halflings and elves - though with some twists to make it a bit different.
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>> Phil
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