[Runequest] Magical Home Court Advantage?

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 15:01:19 EST 2013

Hi, Steve,
   Interesting point about how the Olympian pantheon evolved.  I'll pass
that on to my kids.  Thanks to the Percy Jackson series, they've become
quite the little pagans.  :-)
   If you haven't read the series, I'd recommend skimming the first book,
"The Lightning Thief".  By design, it is juvenile fiction, and the gimmicks
aimed at kids will not appeal to you.  Nevertheless, the author works hard
to bring the Greek mythology alive in the modern world, and it works often
enough to be fun for one book.
   I think I found just the solution to my pointless worry.  If I ever have
to explain why superior medieval armies don't consistently defeat the
ancient Spartans and Athenians in our anachronistic setting, I can bring up
Poseidon.  As Percy Jackson taught my family, Poseidon is the creator of
horses, and has some control over them.  So, a horse-control spell could
have a large area of effect (i.e., affect a cavalry formation) but only
work within so many miles of the sea.  Such a solution will fit neatly with
the kids' expectations.
   Maybe Thor could offer the same spell, when Vikings eventually smash
their way into our adventures.  :-)
   Gotta go.
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