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Peter Maranci pmaranci at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 04:21:21 EST 2013

I have a question which may seem a *trifle* unusual. But I think that I'm
more likely to get an answer from this list than anywhere else.

Could an eleven-foot-tall SIZ 37 great troll in iron platemail, carrying a
troll maul, a greatsword, and a backpack, using a standard WWII paratrooper
parachute, successfully parachute to a landing if he started from from 500
miles up the Spill Mountains (i. e. the rim) of the Ringworld?

Also, what would be the effects and strain of a 500-mile parachute jump,
both on the troll and the parachute? I've never parachuted at all, so I
don't know. It seems to me that the seams and straps might break?

And did they use silk or nylon for parachutes back then?

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