[Runequest] Magical Home Court Advantage?

Steve Perrin steve.perrin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 16:01:49 EST 2013

Haven't read the Percy Jackson series, but I know that many Olympian 
gods were especially followed in certain areas and neglected in others. 
Athena in Athens is a standout example, but there were many others. The 
Olympian pantheon was really just a mishmash of the all the local cults 
after the various cultures climbed out of their particular valleys and 
went trading.

Steve Perrin

On 3/8/2013 7:38 PM, Asher Royce Yaffee wrote:
>    David, I hadn't thought about the inherent home court advantages of 
> shamanistic and divine magic.  Interesting point.  However, I may have 
> unintentionally eroded that advantage.  My kids love the Percy Jackson 
> series, so most of the gaming world follows the Olympian cults and 
> there is heavy reliance on divine magic.  Therefore invaders could 
> bring their priests in tow and find convenient temples along the way. 
>  Hence my interest in divine spells that only work in certain regions. 
>  For example, spells that would allow Spartans to disperse cavalry 
> charges in Greece, but not in France.  Essentially, putting Mark's 
> point in the spell book.  Does that make sense?
>    Yours,
> Asher
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