[Runequest] Magical Home Court Advantage?

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Sat Mar 9 14:38:39 EST 2013

Greetings, All,
   Ah, finally a chance to talk gaming again.  :-)  Mark and David, thank
you both for your thoughts.
   Mark, interesting points about the cultural roots of fighting styles.
 Makes me think of RQ6, in fact.  My original concerns came from military
history stories I love to read.  For example, the Battle of Adrianople in
324 AD.  Historians declare that this battle was a turning point, the rise
of cavalry over infantry.  And, considering how the Byzantines methodically
converted their army from heavy infantry to heavy cavalry, that conclusion
sounds reasonable.
   Or the Normans, who conquered Sicily -- a long way from Normandy, let
alone from their ancestral Scandinavian origins.  Or other Scandinavians,
who reached all the way to Constantinople to trade -- and became the
emperor's bodyguards.
   And then there were the nomadic steppe people.  The nomadic Mongols
conquered civilized, agricultural China in the east, and defeated
successive European knightly armies in the west.
   You can imagine how that got me wondering about the military viability
of anachronistic societies.  On one level, I don't care, because it's just
for the kids.  But on another level, these thoughts keep nagging me.
 You're right about a military being rooted in its culture.  Historical
cultures either competed with each other or disappeared.  Could one child's
beloved Sparta really compete with anther child's Crusaders?  And what if
his brother chooses the Mongols?  Hmm.

   David, I hadn't thought about the inherent home court advantages of
shamanistic and divine magic.  Interesting point.  However, I may have
unintentionally eroded that advantage.  My kids love the Percy Jackson
series, so most of the gaming world follows the Olympian cults and there is
heavy reliance on divine magic.  Therefore invaders could bring their
priests in tow and find convenient temples along the way.  Hence my
interest in divine spells that only work in certain regions.  For example,
spells that would allow Spartans to disperse cavalry charges in Greece, but
not in France.  Essentially, putting Mark's point in the spell book.  Does
that make sense?

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