[Runequest] Magical Home Court Advantage?

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Mon Mar 4 06:23:30 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   I have a question about playing with "spell districts" to my campaign.
 But first the utility of it.
   My kids like to play English knights, Roman legionaries, and Spartan
hoplites -- all in the same campaign.  No problem.  I welcome a society of
creative anachronism -- nyuk nyuk.
   Questions like, "How well would medieval and classical armies fair
against each other?" simply haven't come up during play.  Nevertheless,
some corner of my mind keeps turning these matters over.  So I'd like a
magical home court advantage for each culture with which to defend its
traditional regions.
   I wondered if it might be useful to have different divine spells
functioning in different parts of the family's Fantasy Europe.  For
example, in the Classical Greco-Roman bits of the world, there might be a
divine spell that disperses herd animals (i.e., cavalry).  But said
herd-dispersing spell would *not* work in medieval bits of the world.

   So, if anyone is inclined to join the fun, my questions are...
1.  To create magical home court advantage, is a set of regionally
available divine spells a do-able approach?  Or am I missing some problem
with it?
2.  Is there an even better way to create magical home court advantage?
3.  To create an anti-cavalry spell, would it be good to write it up as a
ratio of animals dispersed to magic points spent?  Or is there a better
way?  (Also, I think the spell will need some limitations.  It would be a
killjoy to let the spell work on stampeding herds or predatory packs.  And
maybe set a lower limit on the definition of a herd, so players don't rely
on it for messing with any two people on horseback.)
4.  Other ideas?  Or spells?  Or whatever comes to mind?
   Any and all suggestions are warmly welcome.  And thank you ahead of time
for your input.

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