[Runequest] Meditating on Encumberance

Dale Long dtl at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 27 15:26:49 EST 2013

On 27/06/2013 6:52 AM, Ravi Desai wrote:
> This is a great question, because it points out that there isn't one rule set to "rule them all" especially in the area of fatigue.  There are two type of fatigue, mental (or emotional) and physical, but I've never seen rules to cover more than the physical aspects of fatigue.

Have a look at this one for Battle Fatigue (has equal focus on 
psychological/emotional impact, and also covers willingness to fight).
Depending on the genre/game, you could also use the Madness Meter from 
Nemesis. They can work directly with BRP/RQ or be adapted to the rules 
if they are not the fit you want.


This is free but the RPGNow site requires a login (have not been able to 
find an alternative source), although you can search for:


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